Since 1919, Citroën’s history has reflected its ability to move with the times by creating non-conformist and revolutionary vehicles that have gone on to become icons. At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Citroën is unveiling its approach to urban mobility, which it intends to be accessible to everyone.

Citroën Ami One Concept is Citroën’s take on freedom in the city: #LibertyElectriCityMobility! It combines all the advantages of 100% electric technology with a bold and colourful design and complete ease of use. It also scores top marks on comfort and practicality.

Following in the footsteps of 2 CV, Ami One Concept is adaptable to all types of uses “à la carte”, from car sharing to rental. Ami One Concept preaches freedom of movement for all and has the potential to become an urban and popular icon.

Ami One Concept boasts a cube-shaped body and compact dimensions (2.50 m long, 1.50 m wide and 1.50 m high), which demonstrates its robustness, agility and outstanding manoeuvrability. Made for the city, it is also features protection on each of corner of the body. Markers of style, these Airbump® integrate specific coloured Out Of the Blue. 

Ami One Concept is a contemporary object with an expressive front end that is embellished by an elegant Y-shaped light signature inspired by the CXperience Concept. The Daytime Running Lights and indicators show a touch of finesse with their floating structure. The Clockwork Orange body paint and the 2D logo on the centre of the lacquered black surface invigorate the vehicle’s gaze. 

Ami One Concept has everything it takes to become ‘popular’ in the city. An urban mobility vehicle boasting design, intelligence and economy, which increases new possibilities through its symmetrical parts. These include identical doors on both the right and left, resulting in different opening directions, which are hinged on the driver’s side for easier access and on the passenger side for greater safety. There are identical bumpers, identical wings set diagonally against the buffers on both front and rear; identical rocker panels on the right and left; reversible Daytime Running Lights (DRL) and rear lights on the left and right. Each part of the vehicle body is robust, easy to assemble and of high quality.

Another distinctive feature of the urban mobility vehicle is its open-top design. The opening Anthracite Grey canvas roof lets light in and is easy to use. Sliding and folding with a single movement, the hood is closed using a blue strap and a push button.


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